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If you are planning to get a Tesla Model Y Performance but are worried about ride quality or, you are probably interested in knowing whether there’s an improvement in ride quality for the newer models, this article has got you covered.

The article has an in-depth review of the ride quality of the Model Y Performance.

At the end of the article:

  • You will know the overall rating of ride quality of the Model Y Performance based on our experience and other owners.
  • You will get a comparison of the ride quality of the Model Y years.
  • You will also learn other important factors to consider in Model Y performance.

1. We will provide you with our first-hand experiences and that of other Tesla owners.
2. We keep our recommendations meticulously updated.

Table Of Contents

  1. Does the Tesla Model Y have a smooth ride?
    • Reasons why we found the Model Y Performance ride quality to be either good or bad
  2. Conclusion

Does the Tesla Model Y have a smooth ride?

The answer is a Yes and No because it depends on so many factors that we have broken down below.

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Reasons why we found the Model Y Performance ride quality to be either good or bad

  1. The year of the Tesla Model Y ride quality varies

When comparing the newer Model Y Performance to the older generations, we noticed an incredible difference in the ride quality.

The newer model Y had better ride quality compared to the older Models.

The table below gives you our comparison of the Model Y years;

YearRide Quality
2023We loved the soft suspension on the 2023 Model Y Performance.
It is stiff but overall it was an awesome ride compared to the early years.
2022The ride quality for the 2022 Model Y Performance varied.
Some 2022 MYP ride quality was great but for some, you would notice a difference (not that great).

Of course, this difference is due to the 2022 Models that got the new suspension that’s currently on the 2023 Models.

The early 2022 Model Ys don’t have the new/upgraded suspension.

2021 and belowFrom experience, we find the 2021 MYP’s suspension to be very stiff and harsh.

That’s because you tend to feel everything on the road (road imperfections and bumps).

The different early years MYP drove differently but overall when comparing the ride quality vs 2023 MYP, you can easily feel the difference the newer years are evidently better

Important things to note;

  • Even though the ride quality was great in the 2022 and 2023 Model Y Performance, you will still feel the bumps and any road imperfections. But, not as bad as the 2021 models.
  • The ride quality will therefore depend on where you live/drive (types of roads). That means it might be better for some and not others.
  • You may notice that when you hit bumps, there’s booming road noise that comes from the rear cabin, which makes you think that you are hitting the bumps harder. However, this is actually not the case.

You can do some modifications to quiet it down.

  1. The difference in ride quality will depend on your previous car

Your previous car can also determine how good or bad your Model Y’s Performance and ride quality feel.

Here’s why;

  • If you are coming from another sports car, or you generally drive cars that have more sporting suspension, then there is a very high probability that you won’t find the ride quality uncomfortable.
  • But, if you are coming from a car that is softer like a typical sports sedan then you will definitely feel a great difference in ride quality.

However, if it is softer, then it will not feel like a performance car.

Key Take away
How the ride feels for the Model Y Performance will definitely depend on what you’re comparing it with (your previous cars).

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  1. Wheels and tires will affect the ride quality

When driving the 2022 Model Y Performance, we felt a difference in the ride quality when we changed the wheels to 19-inch wheels.

Therefore, it is important to consider the wheels for better ride quality on your Model Y Performance.

And if you are looking to install quality wheels or your next set of tires for your Tesla, checkout Tirerack.com.

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Other things to note when it comes to riding quality vs other costs that are associated with the tires;

  • Potholes

From a personal experience, it has cost us more on tires because they don’t last long and the rims are prone to damage when they hit bad potholes.

Last time we spent about $650 on a repair bill that we couldn’t avoid for what we thought was a small pothole.

But it’s also important to point out that since we go on frequent road trips, (we are always on the road) it may cost us more compared to those who cover fewer miles in a year/month.

Our Model Y Performance tires tend to last about 30k miles.

To determine the best tire for our Tesla we use Tire Rack for comparisons and reviews.

That’s because their tires are affordable compared to other online tire shops.

They also have the best tire comparison for road noise, handling, and grip for different EVs.

  1. People’s experiences on ride quality will vary.

We decided to do an online poll on the ride quality of the Model Y Performance, and unsurprisingly some felt completely different.

The participants were only people who had driven both the early years (2022 and 2023) Model Y Performance and the old years (from 2021 and below).

Here are the results;

  • 80% noticed an improvement in ride quality on the 2023 models.
  • 13% did not see an improvement and didn’t like the ride quality for both the 2021 and below and 2022 and 2023 MYP.
  • 7% felt their old Model Y Performance (2021) rides exactly the same as their newer 2023 Model Y.

Our recommendation;

Everyone has an opinion on ride quality and comfort. Therefore, we recommend going on a test drive before deciding.


If you worry too much about the ride quality or rather if the ride quality is a priority to you, you should think again about going for a performance model.

Tesla Model Y Performance Ride Quality Review (Based on Experience) - EVs Guy (2024)


Tesla Model Y Performance Ride Quality Review (Based on Experience) - EVs Guy? ›

The Model Y might not have the softest ride of the electric family cars we've tested, but Tesla offers a host of kit and tech that should go some way to making journeys more comfortable.

Is Model Y ride comfortable? ›

The Model Y might not have the softest ride of the electric family cars we've tested, but Tesla offers a host of kit and tech that should go some way to making journeys more comfortable.

How can I make my Tesla ride smoother? ›

In the vehicle settings, you can choose between Comfort, Standard, and Sport modes. Comfort mode will provide the softest ride, while Sport mode will be the firmest. Experiment with different settings to find the one that feels best for you.

Is the Tesla Model Y performance worth it? ›

Is the Model Y Performance a good value? The appeal of the Model Y depends on what you value. If it's speed and performance, the Model Y Performance is a relative bargain compared to other high-performance SUVs. But if interior design and comfort features are priorities, the Model Y is slightly disappointing.

What is the weakness of the Tesla Model Y? ›

There are many Tesla Model Y pros and cons to consider before buying. On one hand, the car has a roomy interior, excellent driving range, and top-notch acceleration. On the other hand, it comes with an overly digital interior, build quality disappointment, and some of the clumsiest handling in its category.

Does the Model Y performance have comfort suspension? ›

We were delighted to learn upon collecting our Model Y Performance test car that it was fitted with Tesla's new Comfort suspension – a mixture of spring and damper tuning – while the Performance runs 10mm lower than the RWD.

Has Tesla improved the Model Y suspension? ›

This was accomplished by optimising the elastic and damping components of the 2023 model. With the improvements in place, it appears that the popular Long Range Model Y will now be able to better handle bumps at low speeds and enable a more stable ride at high speeds.

How do I make my Tesla Model Y less bumpy? ›

Some things that could help:
  1. Decrease tire pressure by 2-3 PSI. You'll sacrifice a little performance and tires may wear a bit faster, but you'll get a slightly smoother ride.
  2. If you have 20's or 21's, switching to the 19's may help. ...
  3. You could potentially look into swapping w/ a different suspension kit.
Mar 4, 2022

Can you soften Tesla suspension? ›

Your Model X is equipped with Adaptive Air Suspension that offers superior ride quality and allows you to choose a softer or firmer ride based on your preference. When carrying loads, the system also maintains a level height between the front and rear.

How many miles does Model Y performance last? ›

Range, Charging, and Battery Life

Rear-wheel drive Standard Range models with 19-inch wheels carry driving range estimates as high as 260 miles. The all-wheel-drive Long Range offers 310 miles of range; the Performance model's estimated range drops to 285 miles.

How many miles does a Tesla Model Y performance last? ›

As reported by Electrek, Tesla's online configurator now displays an estimated range of 285 miles for the Model Y's Performance trim, down 18 miles from its previous 303-mile estimate. The Model Y Long Range is down to 310 miles from 330 while the Model X's Plaid has dropped from 333 miles to 326.

Why is Model Y so popular? ›

The versions of Model Y is also essential in reaching a wide range of customers, with the two dual motor AWD model offering Long Range and Performance, both powered by a 75 kWh battery pack. Model Y Long Range version has a range of 326 miles (525 km) and reaches a top speed of 135 mph (217 km/h).

Which Tesla model has the least problems? ›

The most expensive Tesla models are actually the least reliable.
  • In 2024, the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are the most reliable. ...
  • Price: $38,990 – $45,990.
  • Predicted Reliability: 47/100.
  • Overall CR Score: 71/100.
  • Price: $43,990 – $52,490.
  • Predicted Reliability: 41/100.
  • Overall CR Score: 72/100.
  • Price: $74,990 – $89,990.
Feb 1, 2024

Does the Model Y have issues? ›

What Owners Say. "When the car was picked up the alignment of the rear doors and the trunk were noticeably off. Also had several paint defects." "Uneven gaps around doors."

What is the downside of having a Tesla? ›

However, Tesla batteries come with an eight year/150,000-mile warranty. With these high repair costs come potentially high insurance premiums. Some insurance companies may even classify Teslas as luxury vehicles, raising insurance premiums even more.

Do you sit higher in the Model Y? ›

According to Silvern, the roof is 8-9 inches higher on the Model Y than the Model 3, which makes the car easier to get into. So too does the 6-inch difference in door heights, which suggests that the seat will be much higher in the Model Y.

Is Tesla Model Y smooth? ›

The Model Y handles like a sports car, too, with quick steering and taut suspension that allow it to dive into corners with enthusiasm. However, the ride is too stiff and choppy.


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