RuneScape 3: Hall of Memories Guide (2024)

Hall of Memories is a new Divination training method at level 70+ that was released on June 11 in RuneScape 3. You can get some really amazing XP here by 2ticking and being fully active instead of AFKing like normal Divinationtraining. If you are active the whole time, you can gain over 450K XP per hour doing thisat high levels!

Please click for more information about YouTubers puretppcand Maikeru RSwho made the video guides below, and this article is quoted from their videos.

Maikeru RS’s video has more details about training with this new method:

RuneScape 3: Hall of Memories Guide (1)

Hall of Memories

· Requires: 70 Divination

· Location: Memorial to Guthix

Youcan easily access the dungeon by teleporting to the Memorial of Guthix withmemory strands,Sixth-Age circuitor with chargedengrams, and the fastest way to get there is using the Memory strands teleport which is from your Currency pouch. If you don’t have any of them, you have to go up to the Piscatoris Hunter areawhere the Memorial to Guthixis, then you jump down the pool.

Equipment setup:

· Full Elite Divination Outfit

· Item with Mobile Perk(very useful for Bladed Dive and Surge cooldown )

· Dual Wield Melee (if you have Bladed Dive unlocked)

The Full Elite Divination outfitretains the effects of a regular outfit as well as having a small chance for extra energy harvests. Otherwise, you just use the regular Divination outfit.

The Inventory setup:

· Divination urns

· Urns Enhancer (it boosts your XP from teleporting the Divination urns)

· Leave rest of inventory empty

Here are the basics of how this whole minigame works:

You’ll need to go east and grab as many empty Divine Jars as possible, but I suggest you leave one inventory space empty because you are going to fill thisfora filled Divination urn. The Divine energy tiers vary by level. Now you are going to fill the empty divine jars with energies. The energies are found on Pillars or automatons, and they cycle randomly every 20 seconds. Once you’ve filled every single divine jar, you can dump it in the crater in the north and you’ll get 3600 XP from this.

How Core Memories work

There are Core Memories Fragments that you can capture that randomly spawn, and it’s pretty much similar to Chronicle fragments. After you capture a few of these, there are mini-pillars in the north-east and the north-west corner of the room. By filling 6 total fragments by anyone or you in the same world, this will randomly spawn a core memory in the middle. The core memory spawn will last for a few minutes, and the spawn will be given a random God name, and it doesn’t actually affect the XP rate.


There is an FC called corehunting(previously Insulate). They are going to call out which God in which world a core memory is on, and they’ll also call out the world that is nearly spawning. So you just follow the world and harvest in the middle.

2ticking method

This can speed harvesting the energies faster. This is not a bug, because it’s confirmed by JMod already. Once you see the XP drop, you click the memory or the statue in the middle, you’ll just keep doing this. It’s quite click intensive doing this, but you can AFK and get lower XP rates anyways. Whenever the Core memory despawns, you can harvest the highest tier memory that’s available around this area until a new one is called.

XP rates

Puretppcused his Ironman which is 70 Divination to test this. Without using urns or the Elite Divination outfit, this got 64K XP per hour by using only the regular divine outfit for 6% bonus.


Comparison to Guthix Caches: This is more click intensive then Guthix caches, but caches are quite frustrating at times because people fight over Cres a lot of times, and a lot of players don’t like dailies.

Comparison to the Arc Divination contracts: This is faster than ancestral energies and it’s very AFK.


This is a good way to introduce a non-daily Divination method, and it’s also nice for you to be rewarded for being not AFK. You can also get a Divination pet and Fragments by the way.

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RuneScape 3: Hall of Memories Guide (2024)


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