Free Internet for Schools: Project 10Million | T-Mobile for Education (2024)

What is Project 10Million?

Project 10Million is an initiative aimed at delivering internet connectivity to millions of underserved student households at no cost. Partnering with school districts across the country, the program offers free high-speed data and free mobile hotspots—and access to at-cost laptops and tablets.

As education has evolved to make digital and hybrid learning the norm for millions of students across the U.S., the Un-carrier continues to enhance Project 10Million to offer low-cost data options, including unlimited data passes, for school districts to pass on to student households at no cost to them. Each eligible student can still get the 100GB/year plan for FREE OR their school district can apply for our 100GB per month plan—which has about 3x the data we saw used by students at the start of the pandemic.

And we’re offering schools a low-cost unlimited option, too. All options are available on our Un-carrier network—completely free for students!

Who is eligible?

School districts can apply on behalf of their students to participate. Project 10Million offers 100GBs/year of free data, free mobile hotspots and access to at-cost laptops and tablets, to students eligible for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP)—one per household. Hotspots in the program can connect to multiple devices within the student household. Districts can identify and qualify students as being eligible NSLP-participants.

Or, districts can utilize proof of enrollment in other qualified government programs such as (but not limited to):
- Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) via P-EBT or EBT
- Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
- Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
- Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)
- Medicaid
- Head Start
- Foster youth, migrant, homeless, or runaway youth

We will continue to enhance Project 10Million to offer at-cost data options, including unlimited, for school districts to pass on to all of their students at no cost to them.

Note: Students or parents (of students) whowish to enroll should talk to their school administrator (Principal or Counsellor) to see if their school district is participating in Project 10Million.

  • Ifyour school district is already signed up, work with your school administrator to see if your child is eligible.
  • If your district hasn’t signed up, talk to your school administrator about starting the application process.
What do you get if you are accepted into the program?

Through their school districts, students can get FREE high-speed data, FREE mobile hotspots, and access to at-cost laptops and tablets.We will also give school districts the option to increase the student data caps through our low-cost options, including unlimited, for school districts to pass on to their students at no cost to them. Schools district will also have the option to swap take home hotspots for SIM cards for their connected devices on higher data plans.

How do school districts sign up?

It’s easy! Schooldistrictadministrators can submit anInterest Form via the link on this page. A T-Mobile representative will then reach out to schedule a call and walkthrough the program details and formal application process.Oncethe application process is complete and theschool is officially in the program, our team will work withadministratorsto identify eligible students and get them connected to service and hotspots they can distribute totheirstudents.

How will hotspots be allocated per year?

Hotspots will be available for districts across the entire country, every single year of the program. To help allocate hotspots fairly, the exact number available in each state will vary based on population.

What type of hotspot devices will students receive?

The school will allocate the Franklin Wireless T10 to students. Hotspot model is subject to change based on availability.

What tablets and laptops are available for purchase?

Many school districts have a 1:1 program in place that gives students a laptop or tablet they can use at home. For those who do not currently have a device, we will help them get connected to their free hotspot by offering the district an opportunity to purchase a laptop or tablet at our cost—which T-Mobile will ship to the student’s school for free. They can choose from four different devices, all designed for student and educator use. These options may change year over year depending on availability.

  • Tablet option:
    • TheCoolpad Tasker
  • Laptop options:
    • Samsung Chromebook 4
    • Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen
    • Lenovo 100e Windows PC2nd Gen
What is the digital divide?

In education and the ever more connected world, students’ lack of access to reliable connectivity creates a divide between students who have reliable internet access at their fingertips and those who do not. This gap is the difficulty those without reliable connectivity face in completing assignments and communicating with teachers and peers after the school day is done. It creates serious short and long-term impacts: lower test scores, lower grades and limited opportunities after graduation.

How many students struggle with Internet at home?

Today, nearly 1 in 4 American households do not have reliable home internet. Of this population, students are among those hit hardest, with recent data estimating upwards of 12 million students are without home Internet. In rural America where internet options can be limited, the gap grows wider. In a recent study on students across the nation, 24% of teens who live in lower income households say they at least sometimes are not able to complete their homework because they do not have reliable access to a computer or internet connection.

Can students get free Internet from T-Mobile?

Yes! Eligible students (one per household) whose schools are enrolled in Project 10Million can get free high-speed Internet access free mobile hotspots to connect to the Internet. Schools also have the option to purchase at-cost laptops and tablets to distribute to eligible students. And we will also give school districts low-cost data options, including unlimited, for school districts to pass on to all of their students at no cost to them.

What does the T-Mobile web filtering feature block?
  • Certain non-educational video streaming sites
  • Inappropriate websites
  • Restricting minors' access to materials deemed harmful to them

Note: Schools have the option to utilize the T-Mobile filtering or secure their own filter that completes their needs.

Why is digital equity important?

Access to the Internet equals access to opportunity. In education, studies show that students without reliable access to the Internet outside of school hours consistently receive lower reading, math, and science scores. This changes drastically when students have equal access to connectivity.

What is a mobile hotspot and how does it work?

A mobile Wi-Fi hotspot turns a cellular data connection into a Wi-Fi connection. The device creates a wireless connection you can use to connect a tablet, smartphone, computer, or another Wi-Fi-enabled device.

How can I get high-speed Internet in a rural area?

With the power of the growing Un-Carrier network, T-Mobile promises to make reliable connectivity truly accessible to students, including those in both urban centers as well as underserved areas such as rural America. You can check our growing coverage map at our website, or bring up your coverage concerns when going through the application process with one of our education experts.

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Free Internet for Schools: Project 10Million | T-Mobile for Education (2024)


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