33 Best Ravioli Filling Ideas (+ Easy Recipes) (2024)

Take your pasta game to the next level with these easy and delicious ravioli filling ideas.

Because the only thing better than homemade pasta is stuffed homemade pasta!

33 Best Ravioli Filling Ideas (+ Easy Recipes) (1)


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Ravioli has to be in my top ten favorite food groups. How can you go wrong with meat and cheese-stuffed pasta pockets, right?

That said, when buying it pre-made, sometimes I get tired of the same old fillings.

Luckily, there are plenty of ravioli filling ideas right here to keep your pasta dinners exciting.

From crab and pumpkin to tofu and lobster, you’ll never get bored with these!

1. Meat and Cheese Filling

This recipe is for the traditionalists at heart.

If you’re craving a taste of classic Italian cooking, this meat and cheese filling is sure to satisfy.

Each bite is full of delightful savory goodness that’ll leave you feeling warm and comforted.

2. Four-Cheese

This recipe doesn’t use just one cheese, or two, or three – instead, it’s packed to the edges with four kinds of cheese!

That makes these decadent little pasta squares about as decadent as it gets.

Each bite explodes with ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and pecorino creating the cheesiest adventure for your palate.

3. Ricotta and Spinach

Ricotta and spinach are a classic combo, especially with pasta.

The creamy ricotta balances the bitterness of the greens, and the spinach adds a nice dose of vitamins to an otherwise carb-heavy dish.

Each bite from these ricotta and spinach ravioli will transport your tastebuds to the Mediterranean and put you in an oceanside state of mind.


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4. Jumbo Butternut Squash

I have a special place in my heart for butternut squash ravioli.

The flavors lend themselves to the autumnal season so well, making it my go-to fall dish.

What’s better than butternut squash ravioli? Jumbo butternut squash ravioli, of course!

Whoever said bigger is better hit the nail on the head with this recipe.

5. Spinach Tofu Ricotta

Italian can be tricky for vegans since so many of the magnificent staples are meat and cheese-heavy.

However, this spinach, tofu, and ricotta filling is as vegan as it gets.

The tofu ricotta and nutritional yeast create the perfect “cheesy” filling. So even though it’s dairy-free, nobody will feel like they’re missing out.

6. Dairy-Free Spinach Filling (Vegan)

This recipe is another plant-based Italian dish that really knocks it out of the park.

Each bite is loaded with a beautiful dairy-free spinach and ricotta filling, plus some delightfully spicy quinoa meat.

It’s the perfect plant-based comfort food that Nonno would approve of.

7. Mushroom Filling

Mushrooms are meaty and super flavorful. They’re also vegan-friendly and pair well with any number of spices, herbs, and sauces.

That makes them ideal as a ravioli filling.

This mushroom ravioli filling consists of cremini mushrooms, shallots, garlic, and fresh herbs. It’s simple yet so tasty.

8. Sweet Potato Filling

Sweet potatoes are arguably one of the most versatile ingredients in your kitchen.

I mean, they shine in almost anything, from cakes and cookies to stir-fries and burgers. And, of course, they’re an incredible ravioli filling!

This sweet potato filling is creamy, rich, and enhanced by the silky, smooth garlic sauce drizzled on top.Yum!

9. Three-Cheese Filling

If you’re looking for something a little simpler (without sacrificing flavor), this recipe will do the trick.

You’ll use ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan to create one unforgettable filling that melts in your mouth with a buttery, cheesy flavor.

It may not be vegan, but I like to serve this with some crumbled bacon on top for a salty kick.

10. Lobster Ravioli Filling

This recipe might sound fancy, but it actually only uses ten ingredients. Still, it tastes gourmet and like you’ve been cooking for hours.

Lobster ravioli is brimming with sweet, citrusy flavors that pair perfectly with the richness of lobster.

No dinner guest could ever be disappointed with this fantastic meal on the table.

11. Goat Cheese and Spinach Filling

This tangy and creamy ravioli filling will make your tastebuds sing.

Every nibble fills your palate with cheesy, savory flavors and just a hint of je ne sais quoi. (The secret is in the nutmeg!).

12. Artichoke

If you haven’t unlocked the possibilities of artichokes yet, then this is your sign to do so.

Artichokes may take a little time to prep, but they’re the ideal salty and lemony accompaniment to any pasta dish.

This recipe creates a delectable ravioli filling complete with creamy ricotta, sun-dried tomatoes, and, of course, artichokes.

13. Prawn Filling

If you like the idea of lobster flavor but not the price tag, try this budget-friendly recipe.

It uses meaty prawns instead, which have a similar texture and mildly sweet taste.

Ideal for date night or your next dinner party, these are sure to impress.

14. Potato and Leek

Leek and potato may not sound super extravagant, but just wait until you try this ravioli filling.

Both are roasted with butter and pecorino for maximum flavor.

In fact, by the time they’re ready for the ravioli, you might just end up devouring the bowl on its own.

15. Butternut Squash Filling

This butternut squash filling brings all your favorite fall flavors to the table, along with a sensational brown butter sage sauce, which basically tastes like liquid gold.

Complemented with a smattering of toasted pine nuts, this is the ultimate culinary experience.

16. Ricotta and Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon is one of my love languages, and if it’s yours too then do me a favor and make this ravioli.

It may be a little time-heavy but trust me, one nibble of these heavenly bites and you’ll want to make this every day.

17. Pumpkin Cheese Filling

Pumpkin and cheese is an unlikely flavor combination you didn’t know you needed.

If you’re looking to shake up your Thanksgiving menu, then this recipe is the one for you.

It creates a visually stunning masterpiece that looks as good as it tastes (and it tastes pretty darn amazing!).

18. Tuscan Potato Filling

These Tuscan potato-filled ravioli are comfort food at its finest.

If you want to serve up a homestyle Sunday dinner, definitely give this recipe a try.

Each bite is oozing with warmth and wholesomeness, with a hearty tomato sauce and potato filling that will please the masses.

19. Ricotta and Thyme Filling

Okay, how cute do these ravioli look?

Eating out on Valentine’s Day can be super expensive. So why not make the effort and cook for your honey instead?

The pasta dough uses beets to achieve that lovely red-pink hue.

And inside each of these heart-shaped pillows lies a creamy ricotta and thyme filling you’ll fall for in an instant.

20. Beet & Goat Cheese Filling

These ravioli might look basic on the outside, but when you cut one open you get a sensational surprise of color inside.

Again, you’ll use beets to get the amazing color and earthy flavor offset by a dreamy cheese blended into the mixture.

21. Golden Beet Filling

These ravioli are stars that will shine off your dinner table!

The cute shape would be enough to make this a must-make recipe. But the delicious golden beet filling takes this dish to another level of yum.

22. Vegan Chanterelle

If you’ve never had chanterelle mushrooms before, hold onto your seat because they’re ah-mazing.

Not only are they some of the best mushrooms around (in my opinion), but they make an exceptional, mouthwatering ravioli filling to boot.

This vegan recipe is so good that even meat-lovers will want to take the leftovers home.

23. Apple Pie Filling

Did you know that ravioli can also be sweet?It’s true, and these fall treats make the cutest dessert for any Thanksgiving dinner.

So, if spending hours making apple pie isn’t really your jam, then serve it in ravioli instead!

It tastes just as good as your grandmother’s recipe, with a fun modern spin to keep things interesting.

24. Pear and Pecorino Filling

These cute ravioli are a flawless mixture of sweet and savory. Each bite is light, tender and oh-so-delicious.

It’s also super easy to make and only uses a handful of ingredients. This simple dish will blow you away with its buttery, sweet flavors.

25. Roasted Chicken Ravioli Filling

Most meaty ravioli use beef or fish, but why not give chicken a try?

It creates a lighter version of the recipe that’s perfect for dinner guests who prefer to avoid red meat.

26. Basil & Ricotta

This basil and ricotta recipe has a secret weapon: wonton wrappers.

This saves you time and energy in the kitchen, but it also adds a nice, gentle flavoring to the dish.

The basil and ricotta filling has zesty lemony flavors that leave your taste buds dreaming of Spring.

27. Egg Yolk & Ricotta Filling

This delightful recipe has a tasty surprise waiting for you in every bite.

The filling consists of vibrant herbs and Meyer lemon ricotta, but why stop there?

There’s also an egg yolk that oozes yummy deliciousness every time you cut one open.

28. Ground Chicken Filling

This ground chicken ravioli offers a lighter version to ground beef without sacrificing any flavor.

Each ravioli is tender, plump, and insanely delicious.

If you’re looking for a classic Sunday meal to please the kids, this one won’t go unnoticed.

29. Crab Ravioli Filling

This crab ravioli is one wholesome meal that’ll quickly become a staple in your kitchen.

While this recipe might be a little intense in terms of its directions, the result is worth the wait.

Each bite of ravioli is buttery, creamy, and pure decadence.

30. Spinach Ricotta Beef Ravioli Filling

Spinach, ricotta, and beef? Where do I sign up?

This mixture hits all the main food groups (veggies, dairy, and protein for the win!) and adds a hint of richness to an otherwise mild ravioli filling.

31. Scallop Ravioli Filling

Scallops are tender, sweet, buttery, and pretty much to die for.

And while it may seem odd to use them as a ravioli filling, one bite will change your mind.

Between the citrus notes and sundried tomatoes, these are like a Mediterranean vacation for the senses.

32. Herb-Ricotta Filling

Have you seen anything prettier than these ravioli?

If you’re hosting a garden party or Springtime dinner, this is the recipe to make.

Not only can you taste the florals in this ravioli recipe, but the flowers embedded into the dough make this simply stunning.

33. Turkey Filling

This turkey ravioli is light on calories without compromising flavor.

If I make ravioli, I want a lot of it, and with this recipe, you can make and eat a big batch without the post-pasta guilt.

The best part is that it still tastes like traditional Italian ravioli. Yum!

33 Best Ravioli Filling Ideas (+ Easy Recipes) (2)

33 Best Ravioli Fillings (+ Recipe Collection)

Take your pasta game to the next level with these delicious ravioli filling ideas. Because the only thing better than homemade pasta is stuffed pasta!


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33 Best Ravioli Filling Ideas (+ Easy Recipes) (2024)


Do you cook meat before stuffing ravioli? ›

The idea is to use whatever you have on hand. According to my research, sourced from Emiko Davies, Pasta Grannies and Jamie Oliver, the meat is typically already cooked (i.e. from a leftover roast or braise) and bound together with egg and Parmesan cheese.

What do Italians put on ravioli? ›

Some parmesan on top and a leaf or two of sage. In some rare cases ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach can be served also with tomato sauce. A good italian homemade tomato sauce.

Should ravioli filling be pre cooked? ›

Can you stuff ravioli with raw meat? Because the pasta cooks quickly, meat fillings must be pre-cooked before you stuff them into ravioli.

What goes well on ravioli? ›

From tomato sauce to a creamy sauce, you can pick which one is a good choice for you.
  • Tomato Sauce: A classic tomato-based sauce, marinara is a popular choice for serving with ravioli. ...
  • Olive Oil: One of my favorite toppings is probably one of the simplest. ...
  • Alfredo Sauce: This classic cream sauce everyone loves.

What is ravioli normally filled with meat? ›

Agnolotti Ravioli

They are traditionally filled with a mixture of roasted meat, herbs, and served with a meat-based sauce or a butter and sage sauce. The shape of this type of ravioli is usually square or rectangular, and the pasta is thin, making it a delicate and flavourful dish.

Do you stuff ravioli with raw meat? ›

Raw meat is safe to use

When making your own at home, you might stop and wonder, do I need to cook the meat before filling the ravioli? According to UPROXX, the answer is no. Although many people do cook it first, it seems the raw meat cooks just fine inside the boiled ravioli.

What is ravioli called in Italian? ›

According to Mirriam-Webster.com, in Italian ravioli is the plural of raviolo, the diminutive of ravaturnip so the literal meaning is “l*ttle turnip”.

What does the word ravioli mean in Italian? ›

plural ravioli also raviolis. -lēz. : little pockets of pasta with a filling (as of meat or cheese) Etymology. Italian, from a plural of a dialect word raviolo, literally, "little turnip"

Why is my ravioli floating immediately? ›

Stuffed pasta will float during boiling due to the air inside them expanding. It doesn't necessarily mean the ravioli is cooked when it floats.

Should you stir ravioli while cooking? ›

While cooking pasta, stirring is critical! If you skip the stirring, you'll be left with a giant clump of pasta stuck together. Make sure to stir the pasta immediately after adding it to the water, as well as occasionally during cooking.

How many ravioli per person? ›

This means using at least 12 ravioli per person. So, if you're making ravioli for a group of 4 people, buy enough ingredients to make 1 kg of them. You'll find the right amounts in the recipe card below.

What can I add to ravioli to make it taste better? ›

In particular, dried oregano, cayenne, garlic powder, and chili powder are all great picks for sprucing up a can of ravioli. Add a bit of seasoning to the pasta and mix it before you heat it, then taste it to establish whether it's adequate or needs more.

Why must meat be cooked prior to stuffing it into pasta? ›

If you plan to prepare stuffing using raw meat, poultry, or shellfish, you should precook the raw ingredients before stuffing the item to reduce the risk of foodborne illness from bacteria that may be found in raw ingredients.

Do you cook meat before putting in pasta sauce? ›

You can put raw anything into spaghetti sauce, simmer it long enough and it will cook and be safe to eat. You'll lose out on a bit of flavor though. I'd brown the pork in a pot and season it before simmering it in the sauce. Browning the meat develops color and flavor in the finished sauce, so don't forget that step.

Do you cook the meat before putting it in spaghetti sauce? ›

Ground meatballs, Italian sausage, pork, or ox tail, can all be put directly into the sauce raw as long as you are cooking the sauce until the meat is cooked. I cook my sauce for approximately 4-6 hours.

How long to boil meat ravioli? ›

Ravioli Cooking Instructions
  1. Drop in the frozen ravioli in a pot of water.
  2. Bring your water in your pot to a gentle boil .
  3. Let the raviolis boil for 4-5 minutes and gently stir. Once they have floated allow for 2 minutes to fully cook.
  4. Remove with a slotted spoon.
  5. Serve with your favorite sauce!


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