2024 Republican National Convention security zone released (2024)

MILWAUKEE — After 18 months of planning, the public got its first detailed look at how next month’s Republican National Convention (RNC) will impact downtown Milwaukee.

From streets to waterways, massive closures don’t come as a surprise. However, one of the biggest developments has been the debate over the location of protest zones, which were released on Friday, along with maps of the security perimeters.

What You Need To Know

  • After 18 months of planning, the U.S. Secret Service unveiled the maps for both the Vehicle Screen Perimeter and Pedestrian Restricted Perimeters during the upcoming Republican National Convention

  • Temporary road closures will be in effect intermittently starting July 11
  • Official closures will begin July 14 and could last as long as July 19

  • 16 public safety agencies contributed to the plan, with seven inter-agencies testing the plan for safety and different scenarios
  • Officials said another training is planned for the week before delegates arrive to Milwaukee

Law enforcement leaders and city officials announced there will be two demonstration zones during RNC, neither at Pere Marquette Park, aftermonths of concernsfrom the Republican National Committee regarding safety.

The two zones will be at Zeidler Union Square and Haymarket Square Park at the intersection of North MLK Jr. Drive and West McKinley Avenue.

“The constitution does not fundamentally change because there is a fence, and while there are different restrictions within that inner perimeter, the outer perimeter, still every individual has the same rights that they would have whether you are in this building, whether you are outside the fence, or whether you are in your living room,” Nick DeSiato, who serves as Chief of Staff for Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson, explained.

A committee made up of 16 organizations determined Pere Marquette Park was too close to the Milwaukee County Historical Society building, which will be used for RNC functions.

2024 Republican National Convention security zone released (1)

Map of official south parade route. Parade start times will be staggered approximately 20 minutes apart, with time slots assigned between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. each day of the RNC. (United States Secret Service)

“As the RNC has official convention events taking place within the Historical Society building, the Executive Steering Committee determined that that location would need to fall within the security perimeter in order to ensure the highest level for the convention and the public,” Audrey Gibson-Cicchino, who serves as the 2024 RNC Coordinator for the U.S Secret Service, told reporters.

“While recent concerns about demonstrations outside the RNC have been raised, I would like to reassure everyone that the Secret Service, and our public safety partners, respect every American’s First Amendment right to express themselves,” U.S. Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle added.

The same goes for the Second Amendment. Whether concealed or open carry, those rights don’t change for the broader perimeter just because of the RNC, according to Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman. He said behavior is the biggest factor.

“Just don’t do anything that would be considered a threat to our community,” Norman said. “It will not, it will not, be tolerated.”

How will residents be impacted?

As far as impact on residents, temporary road closures will be in effect intermittently starting July 11. Official closures will begin July 14 and could last as long as July 19.

Only one residential building, the 550 Ultra Lofts on West Juneau Avenue will be impacted by the Pedestrian Restricted Perimeter. Those who live there will be able to access their residence via a pedestrian gate at the northeast corner of 6th Street and McKinley Avenue.

The plan released Friday also established a parade route inside the far southern edge of the outer perimeter, which city leaders believe is sufficient.

“It an opportunity for the parade route to go directly along the fence line, which is where the media filing center is at the Baird Center,” DeSiato said. “You cannot get any closer to that. It is on the fence line. For the northside, which is sort of the other key feature, is the Fiserv Forum where predominantly the delegates will be. So, again, I would challenge anyone to find a place closer to there with sightlines looking directly at Fiserv Forum.”

2024 Republican National Convention security zone released (2)

(Photo Courtesy: United States Secret Service)

What’s the difference between the two security perimeters?

The Vehicle Screening Perimeter, commonly called the outer perimeter, is shaded in yellow on the map.

Anything in that area is open to the public. Pedestrians and bikes can freely enter it, but vehicles will need to be screened at specific checkpoints.

Rideshare pick ups and drop offs, as well as food delivery, will be permitted in the area too. However, those vehicles will also be subject to screening.

Meanwhile, the hard perimeter, officially called the Pedestrian Restricted Perimeter is the area shaded in red.

That area is only for those who have a credential or ticket, including convention attendees or volunteers, and they will have to go through a pedestrian check point.

No taxi drop offs or food delivery will be allowed in that zone.

You can find more information about the RNC and security zone closures here.

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2024 Republican National Convention security zone released (2024)


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